Friday, April 3, 2020

Keeping in touch during Lockdown- 2 weeks in!

Hello everybody,
I hope you're having a good week. So it's now almost two weeks since the lockdown started for most of us. I'm definitely starting to miss being in the salons and miss all my therapists and I know I am especially, missing you, our lovely clients. I know all the girls are feeling the same so I wanted to email out to say hello to you to let you know that we're thinking about you and hope you're okay at home with your families. Well done Freya for winning our LVL lash lift competition this week. We will try to keep posting regular competitions on our Facebook page to stave off the boredom.
As the weather starts to turn and change it looks like this weekend we're going to last get some nice weather and get away from the grotty terrible overcast days and made me think that spring has finally sprung, and it's time to start looking at spring cleaning our beauty routines.
I know at this time of the year my hay fever kicks in, so I tend to get quite dry, itchy eyes, and a bit of a runny nose so skin around my nose gets quite drying irritated. So I'm going to be looking to use a richer moisturiser, and probably incorporate a scrub into my routine, to slough off the dead dry skin. I'll be also looking at using some different products, because my eyes get quite irritated, this time of the year so there's a few changes that I'm going to be making.
If you're looking at your house bound skin and want to make some changes at the moment we are very excited to announce that our new online shop is now live on our website. And to celebrate the shop going live, we are doing free deliveries, so you can go on to our website, and look for the tabs at the top of the site, look at shop online, and you've got a Jane Iredale shop, an Environ shop and a Decleor shop and all our products are listed there. If there is anything you need, not listed then please email me because we probably have got it or can get it, it’s just not on the site yet. We've not managed to actually get every product on the online shop fast enough. Because there are so many products in each range is taking a long time to get all the products listed on the online shop. The shop pages will be growing all time to get all our inventory on there.Environ are shipping orders directly to individual clients from head office so I am not having any problems
So, hope you're all well hopefully we'll be seeing you all again soon. Please do email me if you need anything. At least next few weeks we're offering free delivery on the online shop. Just to keep you stocked up on all those essential products that you're using day to day.
Thank you very much. Hopefully Talk to you soon.

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