Monday, April 20, 2020

What to expect after your first laser hair removal treatment

 If you're wondering how your skin will feel after the first treatment, there are several things you will notice. You should find generally after the treatment that there is no pain or discomfort. Occasionally, you can find this skin is a bit sensitive for the first 12 house. You can also have a raised erythema around the hair follicle where the follicle has absorbed the heat from the treatment. In some cases, very occasionally you can have light scabbing on the area. If you find the skin is red, and sensitive after the treatment you can use aloe Vera gel or ice packs in the treatment area. After your treatment, it generally takes between five and 10 days for the hair cast to fall out and the new hair growth to begin growing again.
After the treatment is finished it generally takes between five and 10 days for the hair to drop out, you'll sometimes see the hair cast, which is the tiny amount of hair that is left in the follicle after we've treated it, which then gets burned in the treatment, the hair cast falls out of the hair follicle and sometimes you see it falling out. If you're having a facial treatment done when you wash your face, generally that’s when you can see the cast coming out on body areas, you don't see that so much because you wouldn't necessarily see that in the shower. Later, once  10 days has passed the hair underneath the second stage of the hair follicle will start to grow through underneath, and you'll get the new hair growth coming through which should be slightly finer and thinner, and sometimes you find patches where the hair doesn't grow back at all. Each treatment is staggered at intervals between 3-6 weeks. With each treatment there should be a slight reduction of hair covering the area being treated until you have reached the desired outcome. The course of treatments can vary between 6 months and 18 months to get a large reduction in hair growth.

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