Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Lockdown week 5- House of Beauty News

Hello everyone,

 I hope you're having a good week this week, and you're enjoying the lovely weather we're having. We are now in week 5 of the lockdown and I’m hoping we will get some news by the end of the week regarding when we can look to re-open the salons. For now I am planning our return and trying to serve you as best I can in the meantime. If you have had an appointment booked with us during this period then we will be ringing you to re- book as soon as we have a definite date for re-opening.
 First of all, to say, after last Friday's huge success that we had with the Facebook Live on skincare and doing your own facial at home, I'm going to be repeating it, this Friday, coming up again.
This week I’ll be focusing on face masks and how to get a handle on any skin concerns you currently have.
Please feel free to email me any skin problems or concerns you're having, and I'll go through any problems specifically and any questions that people have got at the beginning, of the hour at 11 o'clock session when we start.
After the Q & A’s I'll be going on to focusing on different face masks, you can use at home while in lockdown when you’re unable to  get in for a facial.

Hope to be seeing you again soon
And best wishes from all the girls as I know they are missing you too.


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